Waseca, Minnesota

Hansen Siding & Windows is awful. First, they are in the habit of scamming insurance companies by offering some shady side deals to get contracts sign. Beware, once you sign a contract and put money down, you cannot get in touch with them. They do not return phone calls.

After investigating further, I found that the owner (Justin Hansen) has quite a long history. He has lots of misdemeanor violations including a few drug related arrests and convictions. Then I found that there is a federal tax lien and several state tax liens against him and the company. Based on what I saw, the taxes haven't been paid in years. The tax liens included failure to pay withholding taxes so it looks like they are stealing from their own employees also. There were also many judgements against the company. So they don't pay their bills either. All of this was a matter of public record so I can only imagine what else is going on that isn't.

After thinking about all of this, I realized that any work they did would be second rate since they obviously need to worry about their internal problems. And they probably won't be around to warranty any work, anyways. The craziest is that the BBB gave them an A+ rating and they display it on their website. How is that possible?

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I have now filed a complaint with The Minnesota Department of Labor and The Attorney General's Office! Who knew these resources were available?

I'm glad I found out before I was a complete victim of Justin Hansen. Evidently the Dept. of Labor doesn't look kindly to contractors who break the rules :) I am just waiting for the results now, but after talking to an investigator from the Dept.

of Labor, I feel pretty confident. Thanks for your advice - Waseca guy!

If you signed a contract it is legally binding then the contractor can put a lien against your property. You should report the fraudulent activity to your insurance company.

Most insurance companies have fraud units that will investigate. You should also report the problem to the attorney general's office. Do not give him any money. Then you should tell all your friends, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else that will listen.

If you don't get anywhere with those resources, hire a good attorney. Contractors like this one are the reason that insurance premiums are so high and homeowners hate hiring contractors. There are a lot of honest, good contractors out there - sorry you picked a bad one. Before choosing a contractor, you should always investigate thoroughly.

There are so many complaints about Hansen Siding and Windows all over the internet, I'm frankly surprised they are still in business.

Other reports include tax fraud, insurance fraud, drug problems, and horrible customer service. Do a google search and you will see a lot of bad news about this guy.

I also have learned a very valuable lesson: Research a company thoroughly before signing a contract. They are ripping us off and suggesting that we commit insurance fraud.

We had a hail storm and he wouldn't allow us to take items off that are being replaced by our insurance. HE IS MAKING US PAY FOR IT EVEN THOUGH HE WON'T BE DOING THE WORK, BECAUSE IT IS IN THE CONTRACT. He also will not honor any verbal changes to the contract. Once you sign the contract, you will pay that amount even if they don't do the work.

Does anyone know of a way to get out of this?? We haven't given him money yet :)
to Mic***e #586408

How did this turn out? I'm having a similar problem and I would like to know what to do.


Knew him in HS he's a loser


Wish I would have read this before I signed the contract. They are horrible. I will never use them again and I'm telling everyone I know how bad the service is


Sounds like a disgruntled former employee still hasn't found a job.

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