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Unfortunately, I can\'t post any additional information about this complaint, because legalities are pending. As soon as everything is resolved I will post again.

I will just say that I have become very educated in contractor/consumer law! In the meantime, anyone thinking of hiring this company....don\'t be a fool!

Original review posted by user May 26, 2012

I have learned a very valuable lesson: Research a company thoroughly before signing a contract.

We hired Hansen Siding and Windows to side our home, and dealt with Trent Doran - the sales person, whom I considered to be honest and forthright. We eventually signed a contract with them, because their estimate was reasonable and Trent Doran seemed to have integrity. Little did I know, the owner of the company - Justin Curtis Hansen, does not!!

We had a major hail storm after signing the contract, but before they started the work. Our insurance company is replacing our roof, and once he found out that we had hired another company to replace our roof, he called me and tried to convince me that the roofers were going to rip me off and that I should cancel the contract and let Hansen do the roof too. When I told him no, he got angry and stopped trying work with us in any way.

Now he is making us pay for items that are being replaced by our insurance, that the roofers are doing. In other words, we have to pay him for work that he will not do, because it is in the contract.

He will not honor any verbal changes now either, because it isn't in the contract. There is a total of $1848.00 worth of work that he will not do, but we have to pay him for.

I did manage to stop payment on a $10,000.00 check that we gave him, but we signed the contract and I am not sure what recourse we have concerning letting him do the work. I am now extremely worried about the quality of the job based on his actions so far plus the background check I have belatedly done. I'll just say that he has many legal and financial problems.

Can anyone help us?

Product or Service Mentioned: Hansen Siding And Windows Estimate.

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Marshalltown, Iowa, United States #641589

People in Mankato et the impression that Hansen siding and windows, Hanson Roofing, and Mike Hansen Roofing are all affiliated, however they are not. Just wanted to make sure that the innocent companies are not getting a bad wrap.


To AR; you can email me. The address is,


I can help - I have a lot of information about Hansen Siding. Avoid them at all cost. How can I get this info to you?


Thanks for posting Christine. The more people that post information, the better for consumers.

If people don't check out these contractors before hand, they can easily become victims. I, for one didn't check first, but he really messed with the wrong person this time.

I have very strong belief in people treating people fairly, and I refuse to be a victim. He doesn't have a leg to stand on concerning our contract, but now I am worrying about his future victims.


I know someone who worked for Hansen Siding. He wouldn't talk about it very much but I got the impression that something was very wrong with the company.

Once he left I asked him why and he just told me that he had "ethical differences" with Justin Hansen and Taylor Murphey.

I could tell he was relieved to get out of their. It gave me the idea taht their into some very illegal stuff

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